Buy 1 To 3 Properties A Month... Without Spending a Dime On Direct Mail, Putting Bandit Signs or Chasing Deals in The MLS!

I am NOT a real estate "Guru" just a normal guy that got tired of wasting money on direct mail, pay per click, putting bandit signs & chasing deals in the MLS. I now generate enough leads to do 1 to 3 deals a month at a very low cost!


Get A Competive Edge Over Other Real Estate Investors!

Start getting low cost leads through organic SEO

My membership site is loaded with my step-by-step system on how to dominate your local market and be up and running and on your way to getting tons of motivated seller leads.


I walk you through my 2-6-1 Success Formula to closing 1 to 3 deals a month for less than $300 per deal!

Local SEO Domination

Learn how to dominate your local market on the 1st page of Google.

Discover How To Escape The Motivated Seller Lead Hamster Wheel

Learn how to create a steady flow of motivated seller leads the flow into your email inbox. 

2-6-1 Success Formula

Learn how to implement my 2-6-1 Success Formula to be on your way to generating enough motivated seller leads to be doing 1 to 3 deals a month. Best of all you don't have to spend thousands on direct mail, putting up bandit signs or chasing deals in the MLS


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Tyler's program was the solution that I was looking for... having a 9-5 job, I was forced to be creative in how I found motivated sellers. I was constantly spending my evenings/weekends doing hamster wheel marketing: bandit signs & driving for dollars. Tyler opened my eyes to a completely new way of finding motivated sellers. After convincing me to take the plunge, in only two weeks to come in contact with my first lead (I hadn't even finished his program yet). I cannot thank Tyler enough for the time he has invested in me and my business. 

Matt B.

Real Estate Investor

Phoenix, AZ

The things I learned in Tyler’s SEO training are great. It’s stuff I haven’t seen taught or used by
any other investors. I followed the steps and I am already taking up multiple first page spots on
Google for my city (in only 2 weeks)! Follow what he teaches, and you will have an advantage
over your competition.

Keith S.

Real Estate Investor

Tacoma, WA

I highly value good information that is effective, but I value it more when it comes from the right person, Tyler Ford is that and more! 

Art G.

Real Estate Investor

Coral Springs, FL

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