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I am NOT a real estate "Guru" just a normal guy that got tired of wasting money on direct mail, pay per click, putting bandit signs & chasing deals in the MLS. I now generate enough leads to do 1 to 3 deals a month at a very low cost!


Below is a recent lead along with the closing statements.


We spent less than $300 to acquire the home and our GROSS PROFIT was $35,000!

  • Below is a motivated seller lead that filled out our online form on April 6th, 2020. 

  • We bought and closed on the home on May 1, 2020







No Fix Up or Repairs... "AS IS" Sale

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NO Direct Mail, NO Bandit Signs, No Chasing Deals in MLS!


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Are You Struggling To Generate Motivated Seller Leads... 
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What is your cost to generate a deal? Has it gone through the roof?


Are you looking for a way to generate motivated seller leads that won't break the bank? 


Things like sending out direct mail post cardsbandit signs, finding deals in the MLS that once generated tons of motivated seller leads and closed deals are NO longer producing the response rate they used to. Consequently, are you having to spend more money on marketing to generate motivated seller leads? 


So, what once worked for years has started to dry up due to increased competition. 

STOP Wasting Money...

Are you throwing money at marketing to generate motivated seller leads and not getting the ROI you feel you should?


    Have you noticed there has been a huge flood of local real estate investors and big institutional players entering the market all fishing in the same pond. Competition is getting tough and it has become harder and harder to find good deals. Profit margins are getting squeezed! 


    I have been at this for over 25 years and have spend thousands of dollars on direct mail post cards, bandit signs, and time chasing deals in the MLS. Our response rate and cost per deal used to be predictable and affordable. We used to be able to mail out 1,200 to 2,000 post cards to acquire a deal that would net us $20K or more. Now we are hard pressed to get a deal mailing out more than double the direct mail and our average profit per deal has nearly been cut in half. 


    If you want to make it in real estate investing you have to figure out a way to create a deal funnel that will bring you a steady flow of motivated seller leads without spending thousands like the BIG BOYS mentioned above. Otherwise you will continue to get squeezed out. 

I was struggling and almost threw in the towel, but figured out a way... a way to get off the motivated seller lead hamster wheel!

  • I figured out a way to generate low cost leads while increasing my margins.
  • I discovered a secret framework, as you hopefully read in my eBook, that I call the 2-6-1 formula...
  • I now generated tons of motivated seller leads and my cost to acquire a deal is $300 or less...
  • I am now on a mission to help others just like you compete against the BIG BOYS!

My Story

Can You Relate?

I was about to throw in the towel.


After nearly a quarter-century in the real estate business, I was frustrated and fed up. The market was being flooded by investors spending thousands (often many thousands) on marketing and lead generation, and it was just becoming more and more difficult to compete.


Direct mail postcards, bandit signs, and chasing deals in the MLS – methods which had once generated tons of motivated seller leads - just weren’t doing the trick. My cost-per-deal rose to over two-grand, and my wife and I were struggling to make ends meet. 

Then I got ripped off by a trusted friend/contractor and the wind went out of my sails. 


Looking back, it was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’d hired this guy (we’d been working together for a decade) to fix up a rehab home while I was out of town. I’d paid him in advance and loaded up a Home Depot card. 


When I returned, nothing had been done. And I never saw him again.


I’d fallen in love with real estate in college (my first deal was a foreclosure/flip right after graduation – I broke even), and still loved it. But sometimes it just seems that somebody’s trying to tell you something. I wondered if perhaps that was the case here, and it really bummed me out.


My wife suggested (strongly, I might add) that I take a step back, take a break, and clear my head.

My Aha Moment

I’ve always been an outdoor fitness guy. Biking, running, swimming, hiking – you name it. I feel like my brain just works better when my heart rate is up, almost like the increased blood flow – combined with the fresh air of the great outdoors – helps to clear out some of the junk that’s accumulated in there. So I loaded up my bike and tent, hopped into my Subaru Outback, and went to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

There - alone beneath an almost cloudless California sky - I had my epiphany, and I followed it from the mountains to the Great Northwest, then back to Tucson and back to the drawing board.

I knew the real estate business wasn’t going to revert back to the “Good ole days,” and that there was nothing I could do to keep the Big Boys from spending their millions trying to corner the market and render us smaller investors obsolete or – if they had their way – extinct.


So I made a commitment to myself, there and then, that I was going to formulate a plan which would enable me to get low-cost leads, lower my cost-per-deal, and bring in enough motivated sellers to do one to three deals each and every month.


No more rehabs and dealing with contractors. No more Home Depot. No more spending thousands on marketing. 


I wanted to fall in love with real estate again.


That was the plan. That’s what I did. In this book, I’m going to show you how.

I Wanted to Fall In Love with
Real Estate Again

That was the plan. That's what I did. I'm going to show you how.




Part of what I love about real estate is making people happy. Really. That may seem cheesy or disingenous, but there really is great satisfaction in helping someone sell a property quickly, to relieve some stress and put some cash in their pocket.


So when I'm able to impart what I've learned (my coaching) to help others find happiness and fulfillment... well, that really fires me up. It's the reason for what I want to share with YOU. It's the reason I wake up every morning excited to face the day. 


I’m NOT a real estate “Guru.” I’m an ordinary guy who loves real estate. It’s this love which has always motivated me to learn all I can about this crazy, constantly-changing business, and it’s this love which inspires me to share those lessons.

Tyler Ford

Hello, my name is Tyler Ford from Tucson, Arizona. 

I am a real estate investor that got tired of wasting money on direct mail, pay per click advertising, bandit signs, and chasing deals in the MLS. So I revamped my business model to a low cost per lead, low cost per deal business model and now generate enough leads to do 1 to 3 deals a month at a very low cost. 

I’m going to show you how – with hard work, persistence, and a little patience – you can create an asset that will feed you for life. I’m going to show you – step-by-step – how to create a pipeline of motivated seller leads at a ridiculously low cost-per-lead and cost-per-deal (I spend right at $300 per month to generate anywhere from ten to forty thousand dollars in revenue a month). I’m going to show you a concept which will – if you put in the time and work – generate a steady flow of leads 24/7, creating from the ember of your efforts a fire that’ll continue burning for as long as you fan the flames.


What I won’t be teaching you is how to structure a deal. Or how to sell. Or which CRM to use. Or any of the myriad of “Get Rich Quick” schemes on which there are a ton of books already out there.


There aren’t any deal funnel systems quite like this one. Well…I guess there is now.

Imagine What Your Real Estate Investing Business Would Be Like If Motivated Seller Leads Were Flooding Your Deal Funnel for the Cost of a Monthly Starbucks Habit?

Get a Competitive Edge Over Other Real Estate Investors!

Who Else is tired of spending $2K to $5K to acquire a deal? Start getting low cost leads!

I was tired of wasting money on marketing! I have done it all and wasted thousands of $$$$$$ on direct mail and putting up bandit signs that never produced a deal and an ROI.

STOP spending money on things that don't fill your deal funnel!


Get your cost per lead and cost per deal way down where your marketing expenses DO NOT break the bank!

Keep MORE MONEY in your pocket! 



My Framework Works and Has Generated Thousands of Motivated Seller Leads at a Very Low Cost Per Lead!

Get immediate access to my 2-6-1 framework and be up and running today and generating motivated seller leads that won't break the bank!Get immediate access to my 2-6-1 framework and be up and running today and generating motivated seller leads that won't break the bank!

Tyler's program was the solution that I was looking for... having a 9-5 job, I was forced to be creative in how I found motivated sellers. I was constantly spending my evenings/weekends doing hamster wheel marketing: bandit signs & driving for dollars. Tyler opened my eyes to a completely new way of finding motivated sellers. After convincing me to take the plunge, in only two weeks to come in contact with my first lead (I hadn't even finished his program yet). I cannot thank Tyler enough for the time he has invested in me and my business. 

Matt B.

Real Estate Investor

Phoenix, AZ

Here is What You Get...

#1 Lifetime Access to Membership Training Site

Membership portal that will walk you though step-by-step what I did and still do to generated tons of motivated seller leads at a cost of less than $300 per deal. 

#2 Cash Home Buyer Directory Membership

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  • Get motivated seller leads and boost your organic SEO!
  • Get tons of awesome back-links to your investor website and boost your organic SEO
  • Get citations to boost your organic SEO

#3 Mind Maps... Framework To Get Up & Running Fast!

  • Get the exact framework I used (still continue to use) to get up and running fast and on your way to generating motivated seller leads.
  • Mind Map Framework will help you map out your game plan to be able to beat out the BIG BOYS like Zillow, OfferPad and OpenDoor & Local Powerhouse Investors!

And, You are going to get some exclusive bonuses YOU can't get anwhere else!

Super Cool Bonus #1:

'Battle-Tested' 2-6-1 Framework Formula For Doing 1 to 3 Deals a Month

Setting realistic expectations is key to your success. Will walk you through my 2-6-1 Success Framework to set you up for success when it comes to generating consistent motivated seller leads at a low cost per lead. 



Super Cool Bonus #2:

7 Fast Action Steps To Get Motivated Seller Leads


Generating motivated seller leads and finding deals can get expensive!


My 7 step action plan will help YOU beat out your local competition to create a steady flow of motivated seller leads that won't break the bank.


Super Cool Bonus #3:

Killer Hack to Grow Huge Wholesale Buyers List


Grow Huge Wholesale Buyers List


Killer hack for growing a huge wholesale buyers list. 

This list will allow you to sell off your deals fast! Making you more profitable and cashing in on your deals quickly. 

One Deal Will Bring You a Minimum $10,000 to $15,000...

The Cost of This Offer is Peanuts Compared to the Upside!


Limited Time Offer!

Here's a Recap of EVERYTHING You'll Get

When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!

What Do I Get?

  • Lifetime Access to Membership Training site ($1,097 Value)

  • ​15% OFF ($26.91 Value)

  • Mindmaps to be up and running fast ($199 Value)

  • ​2-6-1 Framework for success ($99 Value)

  • Daily method for getting motivated seller leads ($99 Value)

  • ​Killer hack to grow huge wholesale buyers list ($99 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $1,619.91

Regularly $1,619.91


But today, you're getting all of this...

For Only $297


At Real Estate Pumpkin, I believe in empowering real estate investors with the knowledge and tools to get off the motivated seller lead hamster wheel. 


I am so confident you will learn strategies and skills to generate motivated seller leads at a very low cost, I give you a full 30 days to check it out.  If after 30 days, you don't feel like I delivered on my promise to help you succeed, simply send us a support ticket and we will refund your money.

  • Quality Training, taught by industry experts. 

  • Proven Systems, for real estate investors and agents. 

  • Automated Technology, systems do most of the work. 

Tyler Ford

Owner, Real Estate Pumpkin

The things I learned in Tyler’s SEO training are great. It’s stuff I haven’t seen taught or used by
any other investors. I followed the steps and I am already taking up multiple first page spots on
Google for my city (in only 2 weeks)! Follow what he teaches, and you will have an advantage
over your competition.

Keith S. 

Real Estate Investor

Tacoma, WA

A Little Story...

NOT Asking You to Spend $20K...

Like I Did!

I spent 12 years in the mortgage industry as a loan officer and had one of the top loan originating teams in the country. 


Back in 2005, I herd of a guy in Scottsdale, Arizona that was originating over 100 loans a month from one simple marketing campaign. I called him up to see if he would share his system. He told me that he would for $20,000. I drove from Tucson to Scottsdale and handed him a cashiers check for $20,000


He spent the day showing me his secret marketing system.


I rushed back to Tucson and implemented his system. I originated 72 mortgages the next month and made over $100K in one month. All because I took a leap of faith and it paid off. 

Why am I telling you this? 


I am not asking you to hand me a cashiers check for $20K but to take a leap of faith that there is a way to generated motivated seller leads on a consistent basis for fraction of the cost than what you are probably spending right now to generate a lead.

Here's a Recap of EVERYTHING You'll Get

When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!

What Do I Get?

  • Lifetime Access to Membership Training site ($1,097 Value)

  • ​15% OFF ($26.91 Value)

  • Mindmaps to be up and running fast ($199 Value)

  • ​2-6-1 Framework for success ($99 Value)

  • Daily method for getting motivated seller leads ($99 Value)

  • ​Killer hack to grow huge wholesale buyers list ($99 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $1,619.91

Regularly $1,619.91


But today, you're getting all of this...

For Only $297


I highly value good information that is effective, but I value it more when it comes from the right person,
Tyler Ford is that and more! 

Art G.

Real Estate Investor

Coral Springs, FL

Real Estate Investor and Real Estate Agent Training

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